International workshop on audio-visual affective prosody in social interaction & second language learning

(AVAP 2015)

Bordeaux, 5 and 6 March 2015

Marine Guerry

Perception of prosodic social affects in French: a free-labeling study

co-authors: Albert Rilliard, Takaaki Shochi

This work aims at using a free labeling method as a reliable way to show the complexity of the concepts induced in listeners by audiovisual prosodic attitude performances in French. The experiment was conducted on 16 French social affective expressions in audiovisual context. 27 native French listeners participated in the experiment. Subjects were asked to write down one word that best describes the expression of each stimulus. Results show that among these 16 communication situations, listeners are able to find consistent labels to name the expressivity and form coherent clusters, as far as the intended expression is concerned.