International workshop on audio-visual affective prosody in social interaction & second language learning

(AVAP 2015)

Bordeaux, 5 and 6 March 2015

Thursday 5 March

9h30-10h15 - Welcoming

10h15-11h00 - Yoshinori Sagisaka: Sentiment information for communicative prosody and multi-modal speech description
11h00-11h45 - Albert Rilliard: Cross-cultural comparison of socioaffective expressive strategies - paradigm and first results
11h45-12h30 - Donna Erickson: How do Japanese evaluate French-English expressions?


14h00-14h45 - Sylvain Detey: From a variationist phonological corpus of native speech to a controlled corpus of AV affective prosody in L2 French education: challenges and perspectives
14h45-15h30 - Catherine Pélachaud: Model of expressive behaviors for conversational agents

Coffee break

16h00-16h30 - Takaaki Shochi: Perceptual evaluation of spoken Japanese attitudes
16h30-17h00 - Marine Guerry: Perception of prosodic social affects in French: a free-labeling study
17h00-17h30 - Elena Ratnikova: Identification of the stable cues in the prosodic structure of an oral utterance in the French language

Friday 6 March

9h30-10h00 - Zuheng Ming: Facial Action Units Intensity Estimation by the Fusion of Features with Multi-kernel Support Vector Machine
10h00-10h30 - John Goddard: Spoken Emotion Recognition using Restricted Boltzmann Machines and Deep Learning
10h30-11h00 - Dominique Nouveau & Michel Wauthion: Acquisition of affective prosody in L2 learners: a comparative case study

Coffee break

11h30-12h15 - Mariko Kondo: English liquids production by Japanese speakers reconsidered


14h00-14h45 - Yoshimasa Ohmoto: How the affective internal states is expressed and interpreted in communication: two feasibility studies towards affective agents
14h45-15h30 - Véronique Aubergé: Le système dynamique insécable de l’interaction - la prosodie outil majeur de la glue socio-affective